What’s the website all about?


Jeff Rense describes his website, Rense.com, as the “worlds #1 alternative news service” and a “source for reality and honest journalism.” Topics covered include conspiracies, collapse of Western civilization, erosion of civil liberties, world politics, health & environmental issues, UFOs & alien life and paranormal phenomenon. The site has a strong alarmist and defeatist slant.

The website is run as a for-profit venture, with the main page containing dozens of banner ads. Curiously, there is also a “Rense Kitty” page, where donations are solicited to “Help Save Your Freedom Of Speech.” Large commercial ventures like Rense.com typically don’t ask for donations, as website revenue would be more than adequate to cover running costs.

Rense.com is a news aggregation website, linking to news stories and opinion-editorial (op-ed) pieces from a variety of sources. Despite the “alternative news” description, many news stories are linked from mainstream sources such as Reuters; British newspapers The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph & The Daily Mail; and established American sources including The Washington Post, CNN and CBS. Op-ed pieces are linked from a wider variety of both mainstream and independent websites as well as blogs.


Rense.com has been accused of being anti-Jewish; of promoting Holocaust denial or “revisionism”; and of advancing views that are racist, white-Supremacist, sexist and homophobic.

Such accusations are swept aside by Rense in a long-winded disclaimer which states in part: “The posting of stories… and links… does not… necessarily express or suggest… support of any of such posted material.”[1]

The disclaimer further states: “We present multiple facts, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information… We are not going to censor the news and information here… Read, consider, and make your own informed decisions.”

At first glance, this all sounds very open-minded and balanced, but do the articles on Rense.com present ALL sides of an issue so that people can make “informed decisions” based on complete information? Or are certain facts, opinions and viewpoints ignored or minimized? Are opinion-editorial pieces presented as such, or are they passed off as factual news? Is misleading and false information stated as fact, and do articles contain “lies by omission”? Are sources for articles shown, so that any agenda or bias is clear? Have the Rense.com columnists been honest and truthful about who they are, and about any credentials they may have?

A closer look will help clarify these issues.

Next: Truth or “puffery”?

[1] Disclaimer and Fair Use. Retrieved 14 April 2012.

  9 Responses to “What’s the website all about?”

  1. Love your page! Keep up the excellent work, whoever you are!

  2. I agree with Megan: Keep up the great work! I see you back up your statements with references which is a must for these types of sites. I’ll be visiting here often. 🙂

  3. Rense frequently ignores truth sites because of personal agendas , yet his pet Les Visible admitted he’s a Rosicrucian Freemason, and I have told Rense this probably 100 times by now, yet he links to him all the time. The list of sites he has blacklisted is through the roof. Two of his 9 ex-wives have testified publicly that Rense is all about the $$$ and nothing else, and stole money from both of them as well as psychopathic control tendencies, multiple personalities, and suicidal behavior. They said it’s all just a business to him, and he will screw over anyone. His income was over 600,000 last year and yet he’s begging for money and prostituting our cause to buy cheesy vehicles.

  4. I truly appreciate this blog.Much thanks again. Want more.

  5. Glad to see this site back up! I feared you had succumbed to Rense’s legal intimidation and harassment. I suggest the creator of this site band together with Mindy Kellogg (“Megan”), Henry Makow, and Lisa Guliani (of Wing TV). Separate, you each are more vulnerable to this uber bully.

    Mindy now has a legal fund. Please donate to help her. Go here: Kellogg Defense Fund

    For more on Rense’s legal intimidation of Lisa Guliani, see Jeff Rense Retains Lawyer; Uses Coercion and Intimidation

  6. I’m very glad to see that you’re commenting on the blatant anti-semitism on rense.com.

    And you also make an excellent point – the fact that many of the links are to MSM news articles.

  7. I NEVER said I was a Freemason. That is an outright lie. Please reference where I said this or stand convicted as a liar. I did say I considered myself to be a Rosicrucian; that is spiritually. I’ve never joined The Rosicrucians but I feel a kinship with them. You obviously don’t know shit about who they are or what they do. I, on the other hand am informed. There’s no need for you to make shit up. It just exposes you as a deceitful troll. Meanwhile, many thousands come to my sites and you have zero impact on any of that. Please feel free to languish in your total lack of creativity and just move along without having done anything you will be remembered for. This is probably why you are pissed at me. I get things done, unlike you, I don’t sit around and play with my dick all day.

  8. Jeff Rense is hardly better or worse than the hudreds of others who sell conspiracy; the degree of financial success is the difference.

    The whole entire conspiracy industry is populated by peddlers of books, videos, CDs and other wares. Not one of them studied the subject upon which they compile books, &c. In the past 150 years, con-men of the conspiracy industry assembled a large house of cards, which has many floors and mansions.

    Ignorant groupies made these purveyors very rich.

    Con-man William Still (B.S.) and con-man Gee Ed Griffin (the one from Jekyll island) saw an opportunity for easy money –without work, study, research– so they sat down at the same desk and compiled their paper-back garbage; and ignorant people made them rich.

    Alex Jones, Dean Henderson, Ellen Brown, Michael Rivero, and hordes of others, make large amount of money while leading the sheep in circles to nowhere.

    A small portion of peddlers of conspiracy ware are good-intentioned people who are sorely lacking knowledge; the largest portion of the peddlers are only-in-it-for-the-money conmen; but there is a considerable portion of peddlers who are trojan infiltrators, enemy agents.

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