What are the radio show & network all about?


Jeff Rense hosts a radio show called The Jeff Rense Program. He describes his show as “genuine journalism, intellect, reason, care and concern, and true inquiry” and his guests as a “unique and world-renowned core of truly memorable journalists, authors and researchers” that are the “best of the best.” Topics covered include geopolitical analysis, UFOs and the paranormal and health and environmental issues.[1]

As with Rense’s website, his radio show has a strong alarmist and defeatist slant.

The show can be listened to free on a 16k live feed and immediately following this, on a refeed. Paid subscribers have access to higher-quality feeds, as well as to archives of the show.

The internet-based Rense Radio Network, also run by Rense, has a handful of hosts that together provide 45 hours per week of live content, the remainder of the schedule being padded out with repeats.


Rense Radio–through both its hosts and guests–has been accused of being anti-Jewish, racist, white-Supremacist, sexist and homophobic; of promoting hatred; and of defending Holocaust denial or “revisionism.”

Is there any truth to these accusations? While no one denies their right to free speech, are guests and hosts who appear on the Rense Radio network respectful of people who are of a different race, religion or sexual orientation? Do they have honesty and integrity, and do they represent themselves and their backgrounds truthfully? Just as they hold the leaders of our countries and industries to high standards, so too should their listeners hold them–the leaders of the Truth Movement–to the same standard.

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[1] About Jeff Rense. Retrieved 14 April 2012.

  3 Responses to “What are the radio show & network all about?”

  1. One feels like shooting oneself after any perusal of that website. The “radio show” amounts to: ‘it’s all over, head for the hills’, and there is no way to contact this ‘host’ to object, comment or suggest, regarding anything, at all.

    This psychic swamp is a perilous mix of old-school perpetual alarmists, opportunists and dreadful, drooling, depressing sycophants, with no solutions, hope or actual insight: only inappropriate, hopeless ‘doom and gloom’.

    Wear hip-boots, if you go there. And hold your nose.

    • chiliboots needs to learn to let his feelings out. Don’t bottle it up, express your opinion. Ned. ( Besides, as 3CPO says “We’re all doomed”.)

  2. No one including Makow makes or ever will make a genuine attempt to expose, pursue, arrest, try and convict the fact of all its breadth and detail of the octopus of freemasonry which is running the world, let alone expose its apparatus, machinations and incantations and their effect(s) on the whole world.

    Rense does a fair job of helping us all tread water in a sea of disinformation. He knows the boundaries….becoming a genuine truth teller is difficult if not impossible in todays world. For one Google will investigate then drop you like a hot potato. If you still try to tell the world whats going on they will send a hit team out to assassinate you…. if that fails you sadly soon come to the crushing realization that people aren’t interested in the truth anyway……you go on, praying for an answer, and hoping even just one person, just one, wakes up… Nothing.

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