Rense Radio Network hosts


In addition to Rense himself, there are four other hosts on the Rense Radio Network.

David Duke is a former Republican Louisiana State Representative (1990-1992) and former member of the Ku Klux Klan (1974-1980). Duke says he is not a white Supremacist: “I respect all the people’s and cultures of the world… every people have the right to preserve their heritage, their culture, their own political and economic sovereignty.”[1] However, Duke IS a white separatist: “I want Europeans and Americans to maintain our own heritage in our own nations… immigration, miscegenation [racial mixing] and low birthrates will destroy us as completely as any traditional genocide”[1]. His show runs 8am-9am PST, Monday to Friday.

Larry Sinclair wrote a book in 2010 called Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, claiming that in 1999, he engaged in consensual sex and cocaine use with American president Barack Obama. Sinclair has a criminal record dating back to 1981, including convictions for felony theft and forgery[2], and remains on the Most Wanted List for larceny at the Pueblo County (Colorado) Sheriff’s office[3]. He runs a website called Sinclair News. Sinclair’s show is broadcast from 4pm-5pm PST, Monday to Friday.

Paul Drockton is a “financial consultant specializing in gold and silver bullion investments.” In September 2011, Drockton urged people to short the S&P 500 [i.e. to bet that the market would FALL, not rise] and cash in their life insurance policies & annuities and convert to physical metals.[4] Since then, the S&P 500 has gone UP by 19% [meaning anyone who “shorted” the market as Drockton advised would have lost money), while silver and gold are unchanged (as of April 5, 2012). Drockton writes on a variety of topics from a “Christian” perspective, and has this to say about homosexuality: “I do condemn homosexuality as degrading, degenerate and yes, a Satanic occult practice.”[5] Drockton’s show is on weekdays from 2pm-4pm PST. [Update 27 June 2012: Drockton has now removed the article with his stock market predictions from his website, but a jpg can be seen at link [4] below.]

Charlie McGrath is an economic and political commentator whose radio show runs weekdays from 5pm-7pm PST. McGrath says: “Wide Awake is not just a radio program but a state of mind and it is my mission to shine light on the greed of Wall Street and the corruption of Washington.” Unlike Rense, McGrath provides free and unrestricted access to his archived radio programs. McGrath also runs the website Wide Awake News, which carries “economic, political, geo-political, and the growing patriot movement news.”

Although Jim Marrs is still listed as a Rense Radio Network host[6], he is currently “on hiatus”, and has not done any radio shows since late 2011. Marrs is a journalist and author of several books on cover-ups, conspiracies and UFOs.


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  3 Responses to “Rense Radio Network hosts”

  1. Charlie McGrath might provide some value; the rest are Carnival Barkers.

  2. So Paul Drockton went ahead and erased various articles he had previously written containing ideas he endorsed (such as silver would rise to well over $200 per ounce before the end of 2011 and the dollar would be worthless at the end of 2011 and that American cities would be looted and anarchy would prevail in 2011 and that the stock market would implode in 2011 and of course the great S&P debacle, where he claimed his genius mind (” a perfect score on various professionally administered IQ tests” ) had deduced that the ultra rich had shorted the S&P 5000 and by October – then Nov. – then Dec – the S&P would tumble by a factor of 10… so quick!!! Join the Illuminati and short the S&P yourself and get rich!

    These articles have now vanished without a trace – just as if Drockton never wrote those words, never urged folks to sell their possessions and use the proceeds to buy silver from Drockton.

    My heart goes out to folks who paid this man for financial advice thanks to his scare tactics.

    Rense’s relationship with Drockton clearly defines precisely Rense’s morality.

  3. Scientists have been baffled by the perfect egg shape to Drockton’s head for decades. It turns out that even if he loses or gains weight, the fat deposits in his face and under his chin remain the same size. What evolutionary advantage this genetic tendency provides him is unknown. My personal theory is that this egg shape renders his prey incapable of defense due to laughter.

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