A threat to free press


Freedom of the press… for those who can afford it

Jeff Rense portrays himself as a champion of free speech and a defender of freedom of the press. He publicly supports these First Amendment rights and condemns attempts by others to infringe on them. He even asks for donations to help him “save your right to question and dissent” and “save truly free and independent journalism.”[1]

But as it turns out, while publicly claiming to be a bastion of free press, he is–behind the scenes–trying to censor and suppress information on the internet about himself. Apparently, Jeff Rense doesn’t believe in freedom of the press for everyone.


Photo © Nima Badiey

Rense has set his legal attack dogs loose on the host of this website, because it has published some uncomfortable truths about him. They have received notice from Jeff Rense’s lawyers, claiming that jeffrense.org contains material which “infringes on their intellectual property rights.”

Now that is quite an astounding claim, considering that neither Jeff Rense, nor anyone working for Jeff Rense, nor anyone acting on behalf of Jeff Rense, wrote ANY of the articles contained on this website. It is original material, written exclusively for this website.

Any excerpts on this website that have been taken from elsewhere, are permitted to be used under “Fair Use” guidelines. (Incidentally, Jeff Rense supports Fair Use when it applies to material appearing on his own website.)

Double standard

Jeff Rense’s website and radio show cover highly controversial topics and Rense defends his choice of contentious material as follows:

We present multiple facts, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information… The idea of a free press in America is one that we hold in the highest regard… We have great trust and respect for the American people, and our worldwide audience, and believe them to be fully-capable of making their own decisions…[2]

Rense comes across as a big supporter of an uncensored free press. Indeed, in a 2008 article, he decries the actions of Hearst News in blocking access to Rense’s website, Rense.com, to its employees:

This raw, unabashed, fascist censorship is indicative of a corporation under Zionist dominance and not serving the will or the interests of the people… This kind of Fascist, totalitarian repression of the First Amendment… is an indicator of the constantly growing loss of our Liberty and the right to inquiry… Hearst has forgotten that America was founded upon the inviolate bedrock of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.[3]

Yet at the same time Rense is defending “freedom of the press” for his own website, he is trying to have content about himself removed from the websites of others.

If people have a right to read all about, say, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, then should they not have the same right to read about Jeff Rense, who many see as a leader in the Truth Movement? Do people not have the right to know what kind of man he is–his values and morals, his character and his lifestyle–most especially when the image being portrayed is at odds with the facts?

Not according to Jeff Rense. If he doesn’t want certain information about himself being revealed, he pays his Los Angeles lawyers (at $490-$550 per hour)[4] to try and get it removed. It seems he’d rather feed people the information about himself that he wants them to know, and keep them in the dark about that which he doesn’t.

Rense has chosen his legal team carefully. The Law Offices of Gerard Fox “offer aggressive, client tailored litigation,” and have represented “some of the largest corporations in the World, high net worth individuals [and] well known entertainment figures.” Their client list includes Premiere Radio Networks, Clear Channel, Dow Chemical (Union Carbide) and Rush Limbaugh.[4] And now Jeff Rense.

Silencing others

This website is not the only one that Rense’s lawyers have tried to intimidate. The following have also come under fire:


Jeff Rense, while defending freedom of the press publicly, has been using his lawyers to intimidate the hosts of websites that have published revealing information about him.

Freedom of the press is one of the cornerstones of a free and democratic society. It is through a free press that we can learn the truth about the world around us, and those who control it.

But it should be available to all, not just those with the means to defend themselves against spurious legal attacks.


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[2] Disclaimer and Fair Use. Retrieved 12 June 2012.
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[4] Law Offices of Gerard Fox. Retrieved 12 June 2012.

  48 Responses to “A threat to free press”

  1. Well done on such a great JR news website.

    All information you provide seems to be very well researched, carefuly written and backed up with publicly available links.

    I notice that you ask many questions in your articles but never answer them yourself.
    Its refreshing to see such high quality professional journalism presented in such a fair way,
    It’s a shame that certain other people do not practice it.

    Obviously, there are certain kinds of personalities that will continue to feed these legal beagles with Dollars however truthful and original the material is, just because they don’t like the content.
    Just like playing a one armed bandit in Vegas, there is always the chance of a bigger windfall the next time they pull the handle. So the really sad ones just keep feeding the legal machine.

    “Attacking and sueing others must become a kind of addiction in the end”.
    “However eventually they will end up without money and without friend”.

    I’m sure that if you keep up your careful walk along the path of truth you will remain protected from these legal hounds.

  2. Of the 2 of them, unbelievably, I’ll have to go with Alex Jones for credibility.

  3. Thank you for the continuing exposé of this fraud “journalist.”

    It is disgusting to know that a man making a fabulous living by championing first amendment free speech and “honest journalism” (almost all of it the work of others which he obtains by “fair use”) is now using the money from “supporters” to sue true journalists who are exercising their rights .

    Anyone who is still supporting this fraud is paying for and partaking in his ‘rape’ of the first amendment.

    I suspect the rabbit hole goes much deeper with J Rense.

  4. Dragging up shit on someone’s personal life is not something you can defend. Rense is entitled and would be a fool not to have that sort of information suppressed as it it no one’s business.

    If you need that sort of info to establish the genuineness or not of Rense’s work then sadly you are not going to establish it.

    Only mulch rakers for the ESTABLISHMENT have used that tactic to try, unsucessfully I might add to discredit the presidency of JFK.

    I suggest you try to understand Rense for his censure of you rather than try to destroy him for it. Alex Jones tried the same tactic

    • Rense presents an image to the public that is at odds with the facts. He has put misleading information about certain aspects of his personal life into the public domain. If he doesn’t want journalists “fact checking,” then he should either present the facts himself, or refrain from discussing those things in the first place.

      It is relevant to discuss his income because he solicits donations based upon information which is not accurate. Rense himself rails against presenting incomplete information, which he describes as “the oldest technique of disinformation itself – the lie of omission.

      This website has not attacked the “genuineness or not” of the news stories and opinion pieces that Rense presents on his “news aggregation” website. Rather, it seeks to establish the “genuineness” of Rense himself.

  5. Another fine expose on the phony Jeffery Rense.

    Yes, it is interesting – it seems as if EVERYONE with whom JR has a problem, JR mails a letter threatening to sic Federal Agents or his coterie of Lawyers on them… unless they Shut UP!

    Yes, JR loves freedom of speech… provided it is his mouth doing the speaking.

  6. Melinda Jane Kellogg’s website is gone. Did the rense take it down with his expensive lawyers?

  7. What I find genuinely puzzling is that Mr. Rense himself refuses to address any of this (particularly the issue with Ms. Kellogg and everything related to that). Instead, he only seems interested in whitewashing the whole thing. He won’t make any sincere attempt at addressing an issue that appears to only be growing.

    After reading much of what Ms. Kellogg has said on her blog, I see that both she and Mr. Rense were/are in the wrong and need therapy. I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense; it’s just that they clearly have a dysfunctional relationship that neither seem able or willing to extricate themselves from.

    Mr. Rense has been around for a long time as a – decent – radio show host and a news aggregate. Any claims to make him more than that is simply hubris.

    I’ve seen that Mr. Rense has treated people (many supposed friends) unfairly and in ways that were not warranted at all. I don’t appreciate his attempts at censoring and hampering the free exchange of information which I believe is vital, especially now. People need all the information to be out there so that they may make up their own minds (dis-info agents notwithstanding). But since it’s his site I suppose Mr. Rense feels he can do as he pleases, seeing his actions as justified. It reminds me of the person who calls himself “Les Visible”, in many respects – a person whom Mr. Rense links to often – whose writing I found intolerably pretentious, verbose and sophistic. I’m apologetically reminded of that old cliche: Like attracts like.

    • Dana,

      I have learned a lot about what it means to be a victim in a domestic abuse situation. Besides experiencing it myself, I have read loads and loads of books on it over the last year and a half. I have attended therapy with a domestic abuse counselor since March 2011, and have attended the support group meetings at the local battered women’s shelter. The facts are that it takes an average of 7 years for a woman to escape an abusive relationship. I guess since you have not been a victim yourself, it is easy for you to just blame the millions of women who are victimized, rather than their abusers who typically have much more power than the victim.

      It is utterly wrong and cruel to blame the victim for her circumstance. I still have a hard time believing I was completely and fully lied to by Mr. Rense to the extent that I was. It is well known how extremely difficult it is for a victim to extricate herself from an abusive relationship. A victim, like myself, with no family has a near zero chance of escaping her abuser.

      I have tried with everything I have (and if you have indeed read my webpage you will see I have overcome some difficult odds in life, so I am no wimp) to escape Mr. Rense. If you have read my webpage you will see all the police reports against him in which I tried to get him to leave me alone.

      Last Friday, June 29, 2012, Jeff was served with restraining orders which I petitioned for at the county courthouse. I had to go up in front of a judge, and he granted them to me. The papers were served to Jeff outside of my residence as I had blocked Jeff from my email and phone and he tends to come uninvited to my residence when I do that. Read the story about that here:


      I have been outstandingly courageous in my efforts to speak out about my abuse. More often than not I am met with insults and criticism, as you have so kindly dished out. But I keep on talking, because someone has to start speaking up about this.

      Jeff is 66 years old, he has abused a LONG string of women before he got to me. What if one of those women had spoken out? What if he had been arrested for having sex with high school girls when he was in his 30s? Why did those wives not report him, not speak out???

      Dana, for you to read my website and conclude that *I* am in the wrong is just a sad, sad commentary on the lack of awareness, understanding, or concern for the decades-long epidemic of domestic abuse. Which is the last thing I wished for in my life, but if I can bring some awareness to the topic then at least my suffering is worth something.

      Best wishes,

      • Melinda,

        I’m sorry if I sounded like I was blaming you or millions of women in your situation. My intention was not to blatantly censure anyone for their situation.

        I think “blame” is the wrong word here; instead I’d like to apply the word, “responsibility”. As adults, I believe we’re all responsible for our own actions, and when in a relationship – no matter the type of relationship – that same rule still applies. I wasn’t aware of everything you’ve done for yourself on this matter and clearly you have taken the steps necessary to be responsible for your part in all of this. As a child, I grew up in a domestic violence situation. The helplessness of a child is something I can comprehend fully. I had no responsibility for my upbringing and my environment, and it wasn’t until I was grown that I took responsibility for how all of that affected me. My father would attack my mother on a regular basis. Do I hold my father completely responsible? No, but only because my mother was an alcoholic with her own issues and had she been more clear minded, she could’ve dealt with it better, handled HER side of the relationship with more sound reasoning. To her credit, she did eventually go to therapy and AA. My point is that both partners in a relationship have responsibility for their own actions and how they handle that. I’m not responsible for the actions of my partner, but I am responsible for how *I* respond to what he does.

        I wasn’t trying to insult and criticize you for being in an unhealthy relationship. I suppose what ultimately drove me to say what I did was when I read on your blog (unless I’m misunderstanding something) that after you filed the restraining order you still continued to see Mr. Rense and spend time with him, e.g., recording conversations. I honestly cannot understand that.

        Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of people close to me in dysfunctional relationships and for the life of me I couldn’t understand how or why they would let their own actions be so controlled by this other person, especially when it obviously went against their own best interests. I was and still am sincerely puzzled by that. I don’t look down on them because we all have issues and we all make mistakes. However, the thought of letting someone else have complete control – or giving them control – of my own actions, of my own right to self-determination as an adult, especially when it’s so obviously detrimental to me is something I don’t think I’ll ever understand… perhaps it’s easier when you’re on the outside looking in, instead of when you’re on the inside looking out, as is the case with many things. I know Mr. Rense’s deceitfulness made things very difficult for you when you truly believed you could trust him. I understand how you could be deceived because we’ve all been victims of deception in one form or another.

        I’m sorry for my ill chosen wording or if I came across too harshly. I’m sorry that you were so blindsided and betrayed by someone you believed you could trust. I know you’ve been through a lot and I applaud all your efforts to understand your situation and to better yourself. We all live with lies and illusions in some form or another whether they be about ourselves, our relationships, or with the world at large; maybe that is what’s at the heart of many of our problems.

        I cannot pretend to know what other people’s motives and intentions are, but if you are indeed on the side of justice and what is right, then I wish the best of luck to you and that you will persevere until justice is done.

        Take care.

  8. I wanted to add that I’m all for anything that will help someone to STOP being a victim, and to start EMPOWERING themselves. I think people in situations like these need access to as many resources as possible. No one should have to struggle through something like this alone. Not in any civilized society, anyway.

  9. I am really glad I found this site and, as a result, Melinda Kellogg’s site. Jeff Rense is a real piece of work. Boy what a psycho. I have always been a Makow fan and when they had their split I remained firmly in Henry’s corner. With any luck what all you guys are doing (collectively) will be the last nail in this vampire’s coffin. I hate to see the Alex Jones benefit but hell, with any luck he’ll be next.

    Keep at em’

  10. Why I don’t like Jeff Rense:

    He’s clearly anti-semitic. All human beings are a mixed bag of good and not-so-good. Directing hatred toward any one group of people is not only unethical, but the problem is that in doing this, he’s trying to brainwash people to believe that all the world’s problems are being caused by a handful of Jews. This is utter nonsense and detracting from the real solutions.

    His agenda also seems to be getting people to HATE the government leaders, bankers, financial people, media. Although these people may not be saints, I don’t think HATRED is the solution to our problems.

    He also enjoys fear-mongering as evidenced by the dark theme of his site and the never-ending negative articles and having fear-mongering jackass false doomsday madmen prophets like Joseph Chiappalone make regular contributions to his forum.

    Perpetuating fear and hopelessness and despair.

    It’s all fun and games at Rense.com.

  11. I don’t think Alex Jones is any better. He’s also a fear-monger and gets people to hate the government and tries to get people to get angry and revolt.
    Henry Makow is a bit better, but he’s also guilty of blaming all the world’s problems on “the illuminati jews”.

    Sites like wakingtimes.com are much better than any of these, in my opinion. they have articles about monsanto and gmo crops, for instance. but the site sticks to facts rather than name-calling and finger-pointing. and the site is much more uplifting because it balances the negative articles with articles about meditation and raising consciousness and intuition and healing.

  12. Jeff-o and Alex-o and most of the clowns in the so-called “truth movement” are part of the establishment.

    1 – How do they have access to so much information?

    2 – On Jeff-o’s site right now, there’s a photoshopped picture of Obama. There’s so much mockery of Presidents. This site is getting attacked. Why isn’t his site getting attacked for that kind of slanderous mockery of Presidents? How can he get away with saying anything he wants about anyone?

    3 – Some of the guest contributors on the site are extremely dubious. Benjamin Fulford, for example. This clown was threatening to KILL the “Illuminati”. How can he get away with death threats like that? And how can Jeff-o get away with hosting someone uttering threats to the establishment? Folks, you can only get away with that kind of stuff if you’re sanctioned by the powers that be. There’s no other way. It’s a charade. Wanna play along?

    So, the so-called “truth movement” is offering some truth (because if anyone knows how the establishment works, it’s the establishment), but mixed in with a heaping load of misinformation, mixed in with false solutions or no solutions at all, and mixed in with finger-pointing at the bogeyman, and mixed in with a lot of fear-mongering and causing people to feel despondent.

    It’s a good gig if you can get it.

  13. Here’s another example of why I think Jeff-O is not an independent journalist presenting unbiased truth and part of any kind of so-called “truth movement”, but rather is part of the establishment that he claims to be fighting and is furthering their agenda:

    If you take a look at virtually any mainstream media site that talks about diet and health, you’ll notice that they demonize meat (despite the fact that no primitive culture lived exclusively on a plant-based diet and some primitive cultures lived almost exclusively on animal diets).

    And if you spend any amount of time on Jeff-o’s site, you’ll notice that he never presents the other side of the argument. He’s clearly against meat-eating and never has any guests on that will present the other side of the story. The author of “The Vegetarian Myth”, for instance, will never see the light of day on Jeff-o’s program.

    Unbiased journalism? Nope. That’s a joke. He always presents ONE side of the story. So how is that ANY different from the way mainstream media operates? It isn’t.

    And is it coincidence that he sides with mainstream media on this issue? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

    Oh, and I did I mention he’s so busy blaming “the Jews” for everything that you forget to notice that he’s one of the bad guys?

  14. Here’s yet another example that Jeff-O is not part of the solution.

    There’s an incredible amount of articles devoted to political candidates on his site. In fact, there are many articles now demonizing Obama.

    Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? This is all nonsense.

    First of all, why is he taking sides on political candidates?

    Secondly, what difference does it make? Apparently, Jeff-O never got the memo that voting doesn’t change anything and it makes very little difference to the general population which candidate gets elected.

    And anyway, he’s contradicting himself. He does have articles that claim the global elite controls all the candidates, so why does he bother trying to bring up Obama’s alleged gay past?

    Jeff-O ain’t your savior, kids.

  15. Here’s more proof Jeff-O is not part of a “truth movement” and will not set you free:

    A regular contributor to his forum is Joseph Chiappalone. In 2001, this article from Chiappalone appeared on Jeff-O’s site:

    “The persistent rage of Terminal Madness will make most situations much worse, so much so that by 2003, as I have predicted in the past, some [nations] will lose control and will use nuclear weapons. In 2-3 months, 2 billion people will die… The nuclear winter which follows the Nuclear War will be horrendous. The living will envy the dead. Nonetheless, the nuclear winter harshness will be interrupted by a meteor strike in 2007 which will cause the death of another 2 billion people.”

    According to Chiappalone, most of you reading this now are supposed to have been killed between 5 and 9 years ago.

    I called him out on it and sent him an email insinuating he was a fear-monger.

    This was the reply I received from “Doctor” Chiappalone:
    “I can smell your fear from here. Changing your nappy will not help. You are doomed for sure.
    Read all my words, jerk.”

    It’s a very revealing email. First of all, he seems to be confessing that he’s a fear-monger and he seems to really enjoy it. Second, I can’t help but get the impression that this man is psychotic based on the tone and choice of words he uses. I mean, he seems not only to enjoy trying to scare me to think I’m doomed, but I think he actually WISHES me and 2 billion other people to be doomed.

    Despite numerous false doom and gloom predictions this quack has made over the years, he’s secured a steady slot on Mr. Truth Movement Savior Jeff-O’s program to continue to perpetuate his lies and insanity.

    It’s a joke, folks. It’s a joke.

    Jeff-O caters to folks disenchanted with the drivel on CNN and who are seeking for more answers, but he then he leads you down the path of more half-truths and quacks wishing you dead.

    • Joe,
      Thanks for calling our attention to the fraud Joseph Chiappalone. The fact that Rense continues to support him speaks volumes about Rense’s credibility (or lack thereof).

  16. Joseph Chiappalone operates exactly like the establishment.

    Like religions and cults, he claims he has the absolute truth. He claims he was on a craft that traveled to another dimension 28 years ago and was given the task of illuminating humanity with information about the end times.

    And like religions and cults, he uses fear to coerce people. It seems like 2023 is his latest end of the world timeline and he claims that if his words don’t “resonate with you” (ie if you don’t cling to his every word without questioning anything), you’ll be one of the 91% of humanity that will be doomed.

    And Jeff-O is clearly guilty by associating with with this cretin.

    • Fast forward to Sept. 2019: Rense and Chiappalone are still at it. And so is Alex Jones. By “at it” I mean that Rense and Joned are still cashing in big time on what I call the “Conspiracy theory industry.” Their business model is to relentlessly push so-called health supplements at astronomical prices to the hapless listeners/viewers who they well know are susceptible to the outlandish theories they promote.

      Give these frauds a big miss. Support your local retailers for all your vitamin and mineral requirements.

  17. Jeff Rense and many of the contributors on his forum such as Joseph Chiappalone should be criminally prosecuted for inciting hatred towards Jewish people.

  18. Jeff-O describes HIMSELF as an “American Treasure”? Ha ha ha ha ha. How arrogant can a person get?

    I have a question. Has this guy produced any of his own materials? I don’t recall ever reading an article written by him on his web site. And all he seems to do is link to other people’s work and interview other people.

    And many of his guests like Joseph Chiappalone are total nutjobs.

    I listened to Jeffrey Grupp of the Antimatter Radio Show. Sometimes, he just speaks alone without any guests because he has his own ideas. And he’s written some books.

    And then add to that all the bias and hidden agendas and fear-mongering and anti-Semitism disguised as conspiracy theory. “American treasure” my butt.

    What a joke.

    • Rense has put his byline on a handful of articles, such as this one where he refers to “the brilliant leadership of Vladimir Putin.” This could explain why he’s so keen to post articles from Kremlin mouthpiece, RT (Russia Today).

  19. Rob Breszny (freewillastrology.com) is an “American treasure”. Although he wouldn’t be so arrogant as to describe himself as such.

    He’s a brilliant writer, very creative, very inspired and inspiring. He doesn’t sit around interviewing crackpots and blaming the Jews for everything.

    When you read Rob Breszny’s stuff, it makes you feel uplifted. When you listen to rense or read his forum, it makes you want to kill yourself and your mother.

    Jeff Rense is an American toilet, not treasure.

    • Don’t forget Rense’s favorite catchphrase, “IT’S ALL OVER.” What a great message of hopelessness and despair from Rense & Co.

      • Yep. “Or it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.” There’s a lot of GOOD news that never gets reported by these clowns.

        I firmly believe that creating a feeling of hopelessness and despair is one of the hidden agendas of these people.

        Nothing should prevent anyone from speculating on conspiracy theories ABOUT conspiracy theorists themselves.

        In fact, I just watched a video by Jeffrey Grupp on youtube and he was showing the money tower on Alex Jones’ website and how it had all kinds of hidden Illuminati symbolism. And so he’s insinuating that Alex Jones actually works for the very people he’s claiming to denounce. The same can be easily insinuated for a lot of these folks in the truth movement.

        We all need to be vigilant to not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked.

        And be careful who you donate your money to.

  20. Hey Alan, it’s just you and me on here? Well, at least I’m not alone.

    Legal Disclaimer: The following is in no way meant to harm anyone’s reputation. It is a comedy piece for entertainment purposes only. All characters are fictional and if there is any resemblance to any real life people, the resemblance is coincidental and unintentional.

    Interviewer: Please welcome Jeff Dense to our program today. Jeff, can you tell us why the world is in the state it’s in?

    Jeff Dense: The Jews

    Interviewer: Can you offer some advice on how to deal with the worlds’ problems?

    Jeff Dense: The Jews

    Interviewer: There are rumors that you’ve been married 56 times. Why do you have so much trouble holding a marriage together?

    Jeff Dense: The Jews

    Interviewer: Can you leave us with any words of profound wisdom to help illuminate our lives before you go?

    Jeff Dense: The Jews

    Interviewer: Thank you, Jeff. Please join us next week when we talk to Joseph Baloney, a modern-day prophet. He will boldly predict the precise time of your death and tell you if you will be killed with a blunt object, a sharp object, or a natural catastrophe. Please don’t kill yourselves in the meantime!

  21. Legal Disclaimer: The following is a comedy piece for entertainment purposes only. All characters are fictional and if there is any resemblance to any real life people, the resemblance is coincidental and unintentional.

    Jeff Dense: Welcome to the Jeff Dense program. We have a very special guest today. Not since the Prophet Daniel has such a special soul walked the earth. Please worship the ground this man walks on and give a warm welcome Dr. Joseph Baloney.

    Dr. Baloney: Jeff, might I just point out that you have bad breath? Why is that? You don’t brush your teeth?

    Jeff Dense: The Jews

    Jeff Dense: Dr. Baloney, please tell us what catastrophes you see on the horizon.

    Dr. Baloney: Earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons. It’s terrible, Jeff. 2 to 5 billion people will be annihilated. Their eyes will not be remaining in their sockets. And those who DO survive will wish they’re dead. You’re all doomed. Your families are doomed. Your pets are doomed.

    Jeff Dense: Is there anything people can do to avoid this dreadful fate?

    Dr. Baloney: Yes, actually. People should buy all my books and donate their life savings to me and cling to my every word as though I was the Messiah. Otherwise, they are rotters and they are doomed.

    Jeff Dense: You’ve been wrong about virtually every doom and gloom prediction you’ve made in the past. Why should people take you seriously this time?

    Dr. Baloney: Well, they shouldn’t, Jeff. I’m a charlatan. But there’s a sucker born every minute. And that’s how I continue to make a living doing this. It’s a good gig if you can get it, Jeff. It beats cleaning toilets, which is what I was doing before I started this money-making fear-mongering scam.

    [Jeff Dense and Dr. Baloney both cackle diabolically]

    [Suddenly, God decides that She’s had enough of this horse manure and decides to strike the studio with lightning. Jeff Dense and Dr Joseph Baloney’s eyeballs pop out of their sockets. It seems like they were so busy predicting everyone else’s premature tragic deaths that they neglected to foresee their own demise.]

    [After this tragic event, people stopped being conned by every ass-clown that claimed to be part of a “truth movement”, humanity went on to solve its problems by relying on their own intellect rather than relying on fear-mongering cretins. And there was peace and happiness on Earth. The End.]

  22. rense.com links to les visibles blogspot (pseudo-spiritual drivel that does my head in)

    les visible links to dherbs.com
    – dherbs uses the all-seeing eye as their logo. who would use that logo?
    – a recent article that appeared on that site suggested that “meat is the cause of all cancer.” who would believe such pseudo-scientific nonsense?

  23. Here’s another example of the deviousness of rense.com.

    As I mentioned, the site clearly has some agendas – jews are bad, homosexuality is satanic, and eating meat is bad.

    So every opportunity they get, they link to an article that supports their biases.

    So, here’s an example. Apparently, eating meat lowers your life span.

    If you spend 10 minutes on this site, you will quickly come to the conclusion that it’s a pile of rubbish. First of all, the study is very vague. Did the meat-eaters eat vegetables? Or did they just eat hot dogs and fries?

    And so rense.com doesn’t really care. It doesn’t discriminate the quality of the source material or where it’s coming from. The most important thing is that the article supports the biased view. And if viewers read enough of these articles (or just the headlines), they’ll be brainwashed.

    But folks, this site he’s linking to is rubbish.

    And, as with all topics, only one side of the story is covered (and usually from dubious sources). While articles from reputable sources are completely ignored.

    Here’s one article I’d like to point out which challenges the biased view expressed on the pseudo unethical journalism expressed at rense.com.

    According to Psychology Today, roughly 75% of vegetarians eventually return to eating meat with 9 years being the average length of time of abstinence.

    The most common reason former vegetarians cited as the reason they returned to meat was declining health. One vegetarian turned omnivore put it very succinctly: “I’ll take a dead cow over anemia any time.”

  24. My favorite Jeff Rense quote ever: “Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy”

    Please share your favorite Jeff Rense quote!

  25. anyone who endorses hitler is mentally ill.

  26. I was on makow’s site the other day. There’s an article about how the education system is controlled by the illuminati and how it’s all bad.

    But yet, makow stayed in school long enough to get a phd and he doesn’t seem to mind flaunting it, presumably because of a big ego and to help sell more books.

    These people claiming to fight the NWO are all a bunch of phonies who don’t give a shit about anything but their bank accounts.

  27. This is an excellent article that explains what the problem is with listening to Alex Jones. But it also applies to Rense & company.


    Alex Jones’ Latest Fear Mongering Epic, Fall of the Republic, is Now on YouTube

    I have resisted for the past 3 or 4 years, adding my voice to the swelling chorus that have labeled Alex Jones a ‘psyops’ of sorts. I reasoned that, overall, he did more good than harm, but maybe it’s now time to join the choir.

    It does concern me that he avoids discussing certain groups and certain themes. It also bothers me that his overall accomplishment is to arouse FEAR and ANXIETY in his audience, all the while pushing for sales of his DVDs and the purchase of gold or heirloom seeds “for the bad times that are just around the corner.”

    When you’re intentionally provoking anxiety, for an ulterior motive (sales), you’re a fear monger, plain and simple. But when your theme song is one of chronicling the “downfall” of America day in, day out, with one DVD release after the next, maybe you’re doing something more than that; maybe you’re helping it along.


    I review all this because Eric, in the e-mail I received, felt that Alex Jones had hit the pinnacle of career with this “masterpiece documentary” and that for the sake of ‘humanity’, no less, we should all watch it as it contains some of the most “pertinent information to understanding what’s happening in our world today”.

    Well, yes and no. Let’s assume that most of the data presented is factually correct. In general, I think Alex does try to report things accurately, and not necessarily embellish or make things up. I’ll give him that, but how will you FEEL after you’ve watched this DVD?

    Depressed? Anxious? Worried? In a funk? And how will this DVD haunt you in the days and nights to come, now that you know that the “Fall” of America is right around the corner-thanks to the “masterpiece documentary” maker, Alex Jones?

    And that’s where the problem comes in, and maybe where the ‘psyops’ part exists. Winning or losing this planet to the satanic NWO crowd has much more to do with the Will, Determination, Enthusiasm, and Spirit that exists in your head and in your heart, than with what’s going down “on the ground”, so to speak. Thoughts create reality. You have to remember that.

  28. “Earth. Where other planets send their rejects.” — Voltaire

    (especially people in the ‘truth’ movement)

  29. I just met a guy who spends a lot of time on prisonplanet.com.

    he’s totally despondent. he said he wishes he wasn’t alive. and that’s exactly how these conspiracy sites are trying to make people feel.

    once you get the general gist of what’s going on, stop frequenting these sites too often. they try to break your spirit.

  30. Update on how much Jeff Rense spent on his lawyers in his effort to silence the author of this website (jeffrense.org), Henry Makow, Ken Adachi, and me – his latest ex-wife.

    $45,000. This is the number Jeff told me. He owes the Fox Law Firm in Los Angeles $45,000, and the only reason he stopped litigating is because they refused to continue to work for him until he paid his bill.

    This is what your donations are funding.

    The majority of this money was used against me. I had facebook pages shut down, youtubes removed, and severe lawsuit threats against my website: melindajanekellogg.com which I managed (with no lawyers on my side) to keep online. I knew I had committed no crime, since I have told the truth, so I fought his lawyers and won.

    Jeff, however, has committed bold libel and defamation against me on the internet (via his equally psychopathic pals – psychopaths always get others to do their dirty work), to the point where he has ruined any chance of me returning to my career, and he has gone unpunished.

  31. evil never goes unpunished. no one can escape the karmic consequences of their actions.

  32. I had a look at the melinda kellogg site for the first time.

    I found the article about “The Health Coach” site and author rather interesting.

    I had visited that site and wondered why there was no one’s name associated to the articles or the site.

    If your article is truthful, it answers my question and I appreciate the research to uncover this information.

    And it’s further proof that rense.com is dishonest, unethical, unscrupulous journalism that should be avoided.

  33. Most conspiracy sites try to get people to hate the government, hate the bankers, hate the jews, hate everyone in power. As explained in the following site, this is actually helping the illuminati agenda.


    if someone learns that the atrocities committed on 9/11 were in fact committed by the government, murdering its own people in order to further it’s agenda for the illuminati, the likelihood is that they are then going to focus all of their attention towards the government in a negative fashion and while this may appear be a totally natural and warranted reaction, in this state of being there is no love or joy present, only hate and this is exactly what the illuminati want.

  34. Not to mention he had Jan Smith on his show about 10 times to talk about morgellons and her site photoshopped the top two photos on her site to generate hysteria. Also he’s was in league with hildegarde staninger a notorious scammer.



  35. Again, he by ¨free press¨he really means that he should be free to exploit the writers, who he does not pay, but profit from their work. Rense is worse than the scumbag corp media…

  36. Rense is a cock.

  37. Thanks Joe!! Yes these guys work not for the truth, i believe they are gate keepers for the vatican! the whore in Rev. 17 which has power over ALL nations and which also controlls trhese so called “zionists”! this is just a plan to generate hate towards ALL jews.

  38. Deceptive news headline links are his favorite.
    Example: “US Agency Loses Track of 1,500 Immigrant
    Children, Doesn’t Care, Trump Does Nothing”. http://www.rense.com/
    Upon reading this article, there is no mention of Trump or his knowledge of this. The article goes on to explain how it happened and how the system works- no fault of Trump.
    I can post many many links he displays that are deceptive in their wording- In order to bash who he doesn’t like.

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