The lifestyle of Jeff Rense


Jeff Rense property--pond with island & view to mountains (Photo: Jackson County)

What kind of lifestyle does Jeff Rense lead, and why should we discuss it?

As outlined in another article, Rense puts a certain “spin” on his donation appeals. He tells his readers and listeners that their donations are “truly crucial” to the continuing operation of his business ventures.

Indeed, he continues to stress the importance of donations in keeping his financial position strong, as this statement from 18 February 2012 shows:

[O]ur modest fundraisers are helpful in keeping the site and program healthy.[1]

Some people want to do their part to help save “freedom of speech” and “truly free & independent journalism” by donating to Jeff Rense. So they get out their checkbooks, or click the Paypal button, and donate $10, $20 or even more. Perhaps some people even set up recurring donations.

Rense’s website ads and radio show subscription service provide him with a generous income. Of course, he has expenses related to his business ventures. But after the bills are paid, what kind of lifestyle can be funded with what is remaining? Does Jeff Rense lead a modest existence, or is he rather living the kind of lifestyle that most of his readers and listeners can only dream of?

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[1] Reply 2–‘The Hidden Jeff Rense’. Retrieved 25 May 2012.

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