Riding the hobbyhorse


One of Jeff Rense’s passions is the restoration of classic automobiles.

Classic car restoration is a very expensive “luxury” hobby… particularly if, like Rense, you pay others to do the work for you. Over the past ten years, Rense has spent over $300,000 for restoration work on three classic automobiles. (This does not include the purchase price of those vehicles.) A fourth project is currently in the works.

No wonder Rense complains about being $800,000 in debt![1][2] (Though it seems he would rather people believe it is down to his being a single father who “lost everything twice and went bankrupt once stemming from 15 years in court.”[1] Rense doesn’t specify what the “15 years in court” or bankruptcy is all about, but given that his daughter is now 24 years old, any costs from a custody battle would have been incurred quite some time ago.)

Here are the classic automobile restoration projects that Rense has undertaken in the past decade.

Jeff Rense 1955 Chev pickup truck

1955 Chevrolet pickup truck

It’s not known exactly when Rense bought this truck or how much he paid, but according to him, he spent $30,000 restoring it. He had it listed on ebay Motors in December 2009; the final selling price isn’t known.[3]

Jeff Rense 1953 Muntz Jet

1953 Muntz Road Jet

Rense bought this car in 2004 for an unknown sum, then spent $140,000 restoring it.[4] The ad for the Muntz has been on Rense’s website since 2008. According to Rense’s friend Paul Drockton, Rense sold the completed project for a “huge loss.”[5]

There has been erroneous information posted on the internet about Rense’s Muntz. Paul Drockton originally tried to claim that Rense never actually owned it, but was merely selling it for someone else.[6]

Drockton later admitted that Rense had indeed owned the Muntz, but that it was “another old car Jeff found full of rust and damage,” its condition comparable to Rense’s 2nd Woodie (see below).[5] Yet the 2004 Muntz Jet Registry–printed in the year Rense purchased it–noted the car’s condition as follows: “Appears to be very complete and free of significant corrosion problems… A restoration effort will likely be free of major challenges.”[7] So it would seem that Rense spent $140,000 on a restoration project that should have been “free of major challenges.” The mind boggles at the thought of how much he would have spent had the car actually been “full of rust and damage”!

Jeff Rense 1951 Ford Woodie

1951 Ford Woodie

Rense bought this Woodie from WoodiesUSA around 2007 for an unknown sum, then spent 2½ years and $140,000-$150,000 restoring it.[8][9] The restoration cost is quite astounding given that the car was in “very good, but a little tired condition” at the time Rense purchased it. Rense had it listed for sale in 2010 on Auto Trader Classics, Hemmings Classic Cars and ebay Motors. According to the final ebay listing,[9] it was eventually sold to a buyer from Brazil. Although the final selling price isn’t known, it appears that Rense took a rather large haircut on this restoration as well: when he listed it on Hemmings, his asking price was $97,500 OBO.[10]

Perhaps Rense subsequently forgot how much he spent on this Woodie restoration, because in February 2012, when referring to his second Woodie project, he stated that “anyone who would pay “$100,000″ to restore a woodie ought to have the keys taken away”.[2]

Jeff Rense 2nd Ford Woodie

2nd Ford Woodie

Rense’s current restoration project is another Ford Woodie, which he apparently “found in a field”.[5] Rense says he expects to spend just $50,000 restoring it [2]–about 1/3 of the cost he incurred on his first Woodie restoration. Considering that his first Woodie was in “very good” condition when he began the restoration, and this one was, by contrast, a rusted shell, perhaps Rense is underestimating the restoration costs just a bit.

Update 17 June 2012: Thank you to Melinda Jane Kellogg for providing the following photographs of the 2nd Woodie in its finished state.

Rense 2nd Woodie (Photo © Melinda Kellogg)

Rense 2nd Woodie (Photo © Melinda Kellogg)


Jeff Rense is a shrewd businessman, whose generous income affords him the means to pursue luxury hobbies like classic car restoration.

And why not? People with high incomes often indulge in expensive pastimes.

But it doesn’t seem very forthright of Rense to claim that donations are “truly crucial” to keeping his website and radio show viable, while simultaneously spending enormous sums of money on pet projects such as this.

It certainly makes the term “donation drive” take on a whole new meaning.


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  1. Yes and don’t forget the time and money he spends on Marion Lanza recordings and ufo stories, damn they are unidentified, get it? so why go on about it.

    a….and, there is talk of even his hair not being real,. How fraudulent is that.? If you’re gonna talk about govt FRAUD AND STUFF and your own head is a fraud….well…

    I could go on but whats the point? Jeff Rense will still be famous and I will still be a nobody.

    Why don’t we research whistelblowers for 911 and government black ops now in jail, dead or disapppeared,

    same way jfk, Whitlam and Holt (Australia) and others were killed or dissappeared for opposing the world bank system.

    Why don’t we speak in terms of a world full of justice instead of still using the illuminati worldview nomenclature to describe the world as they want us to see it, talk about it and describe it and not as it really is.

    Why do will still act as though we are part of the matrix instead of sweeping it aside with the brushstrokes of reality and truth….calling a liar a liar, a fraud a fraud, a crime a crime….a spell a spell.

    Why don’t we bring damnation to systems, exposure to participants and the noose to its architects?

    Why can’t we join together with common themes instead of opposing each other with illusionary differences??

    BTW thanks for the view of the old time car restorations….a bit of sanity in a crazy world.

    • It’s ironic that someone so passionate about uncovering the truth. would prefer that some truths not be uncovered.

    • Tulip is missing the point.

      Jeff Rense LIED about his cars! When Henry Makow claimed Jeff spent loads of money refurbishing classic cars, Jeff Rense responded by LYING and LYING and LYING.

      This website documents Jeff Rense’s lies, and the full truth of his expensive hobby. One in which he has never made a profit, but instead he has suffered huge financial losses. Yet he keeps doing it, because he likes to.

      If you support a TRUTH movement leader who has been caught red-handed as a LIAR, well, then, you and I, we have very different ideas about what TRUTH is.

      The creator of this website is doing real, independent, in-depth research and uncovering the TRUTH!

      Jeff Rense links to stories that he has no time to even read, much less research. And hosts guests like Tim Rifat and Bill Deagle, both of whom regularly tell grand LIES.

      jeffrense.org is my source of TRUTH, thank you.

  2. Paul “the smartest man in Utah” Drockton claims that the story of Rense’ private railroad is a “lie”. If you look at one of the pictures of Rense standing with his last x-wife, Melinda, you can see the narrow train tracks (photo taken on Rense’ property) in the photo. Unless, Drockton means that Jeff built the tracks but hasn’t yet gotten the donations from his “audience” to buy the train yet…poor Jeff, if it weren’t for people reporting about his abuses he could afford every toy and hobby he ever dreamed of.

  3. Tulip,

    I guess this is all a joke to you, because you are not his latest ex-wife who gave up her job and health insurance to marry Jeff, who then unceremoniously dumped her FINANCIALLY, but not SEXUALLY or ROMANTICALLY! Knowing she had no where to go for help, he revelled in her entrapment to him.

    Well, I am she. And I watched him spend several tens of thousands of dollars restoring the 2nd Woodie. A car he, incidentally, plans to keep for himself. I saw him paint it TWICE (at nearly $5,000 a pop) as he decided he didn’t like the first shade of brown after all!

    All the while I was suffering in intermittent EXCRUTIATING pain with a duodenal ulcer, an ulcer I started developing shortly after moving in with Jeff. And Jeff REFUSED to take me to a doctor. Same when I severely sprained my ankle in June 2011 (it never healed right).

    And this is just the money he spent on the Woodie! Not to mention the $8,000 sprinkler system, the $12,000 Mario Lanza outfits, and the train: an endless sinkhole for money.

    So, Tulip, you are showing that your admiration for restored cars exceeds your concern over a “human being” who would treat his wife the way Jeff has treated me. And 6 other ex-wives, and God knows how many ex-girlfriends (I know of 4…).

    Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if the abuse of women was considered an important subject??? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jeff’s wife abuse were a concern to all you “truthers.” Maybe if you cared about things like that, the world would be a much better place.

    Funny how Jeff Rense and David Icke and others of their ilk shy completely away from the subject. And the world’s problems are not being solved despite Jeff’s 18+ years on the air! Hmmmm….

    Melinda Kellogg

    P.S. Jeff is already planning for his next car: a 1957 Chevy or a 1946 Ford…

  4. Psychopaths can have many diverse hobbies and they are sometimes very talented as well. One can be good at earning money but at the same time the same person can do horrible things to other people. Talent and crime are mutually exclusive. The world shows us that every day.

    It is unfortunate that Jeff Rense has lodged himself rather deeply into the truth movement where he became known as an eloquent speaker and supporter of the so-called “truth movement”. In that position of being a self-described leader in that movement, Jeff does bad things to people, just as CEOs and politicians do bad things from their vantage point of success.

    It really isn’t that difficult to understand. Psychopaths aren’t like most people. They don’t have empathy. They realize that they are different very early in life. Some seek positions where people will perceive that they do have empathy. Church groups are easy targets. Well, Jeff found the truth movement. And he found 8 or 9 or whatever wives to devour. This isn’t difficult to see at all.

    The old Bible verse applies here, about being as wise as serpents but harmless as doves. In other words, try to understand the wicked ways of the world but don’t copy those ways in your own life.


  5. there surely isnt enough time in the day to ride mini trains and rebuilt classic cars when you work 18 hours per day? i really enjoy the Rense radio show, but it seems to me that he has rubbed many, many guests the wrong way over the years. many of my favorites from the past just quit returning all of the sudden without any explanation. bill oliver, aj gaevard, joyce murphy, diane harrison, and graham conway- just to name a few. i have a feeling that these guests gave many hours of their time for years without compensation. any stories about this?

  6. “The old Bible verse applies here, about being as wise as serpents but harmless as doves. In other words, try to understand the wicked ways of the world but don’t copy those ways in your own life.”

    Well said Tate!

  7. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but he always contradicts his original story or stance. Here is a good example. Sometime in the last few weeks, he addressed the “conspiracy theory” that 5g caused the NCOV virus (coronavirus) stating it was a “stupid” and “ridiculous” conspiracy (in so many words). Last night, his guest Leonard Coldwell stated he believes the 5g WAS used to make people sick. Did Jeff argue with him? No. Did Jeff call him a moron? No. Did Jeff agree with him? Pretty much.

    You will see Jeff speak out against something, but if one of his guests comes on the program and mentions it as their theory; Jeff will agree with it.

    Maybe all of those supplements Jeff pimps on his web site that he takes all day (he probably doesn’t as its just to sell them) are getting to his head in a bad way….

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