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Jeff Rense’s website,, has enough banner ads to potentially bring in thousands of dollars a month in advertising revenue.

The website has over two dozen ad banners, with prices ranging from $300 per month to $3,595 per month.[1]

Of course, the exact amount of income that Rense receives from banner ads would vary, as not all ad space is rented every month; and some ads generate little or no income (eg. affiliate links).

The following estimate has been done for the month of April 2012, based on information gathered from the website on April 17, 2012. Note that the figures below are for revenue from ad space that is reasonably assumed to have been SOLD only. Banner ads containing affiliate links, those for non-profit organizations, and assumed “ad exchange” agreements have NOT been included.

Please note that we have no first-hand knowledge of the actual revenue Rense receives from his banner ads; rather this is an estimate based on rates in the advertising portfolio.

Ad position 1 $3,595 Heirloom Organics
Ad position 4 2,995 Prepare Wise
Ad position 9 1,295 Redemption Service
Ad position 11 3,555 Rotational banner at $395/month for EACH advertiser:
Brian Fox Band; Knowledge Bar; Directive 21; True Health
Facts; Heart and Body; Absolute Harmonics; CureBum;
Mazur Instruments; Copper Bullion Coin
Ad position 14 1,295 The Unmentored Male
Ad position 19 2,395 BioAge
Ad position 20 2,395 Carnivora Research
Ad position 21 1,295 Heart and Body
Ad position 22 1,295 Berkey Light Water Filters
LH column ad 300x120px 1,160 $580 each advertiser: Copper Bullion Coin; Termite Revolution
LH column ad 300x60px 900 $300 each advertiser: Algae Biodiesel; Stove Buddy; Fit Human
Total MONTHLY Ad Revenue (gross) $22,175

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As shown in the chart above, the total estimated revenue for banner ads on (not including income from affiliate links, text ads, or the “Rense DVD & Book Store”) is approximately $22,175 per month, or $266,100 per year.

Assuming that 25% of that figure is paid in commission to whomever is marketing and selling the ad space, that leaves an estimate of $199,575 in banner ad revenue (net of commissions) for

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[1] Rense Ad Portfolio. Retrieved 18 April 2012.

  4 Responses to “Website ad revenue”

  1. I guess I have a unique perspective on this.

    I have:
    a.) A product to sell. (a vegan cookbook that hasn’t gone out of print for 14 years — one of the oldest continually published).
    b.) Web sites of my own, with traffic of tens of thousands (about 50k average) unique visitors per month.
    c.) Good news and information articles of my own, and friends with web sites who have good online articles of their own.

    When my friends or I have submitted articles to Jeff for possible links from his web site, the articles he agrees to post receive between thousands and tens of thousands of visitors while they’re near the top of his page, for ONE DAY. And that’s just the people who thought the title was interesting enough to click on it.

    To the point, do you know what kind of market reach thousands or tens of thousands in a DAY is? For comparison, I have several pages that are at or near the top of certain Google search terms, and I’m lucky to get that much traffic in a MONTH.

    My friends are grateful when Jeff links to them. They all have good articles on things like mercury toxicity, TB-related epidemics, and the like — things that help people avoid health problems. Jeff’s boost in visitors helps their pages to get name recognition.

    Jeff is one of the few alternative news editors who’ll occasionally link to good content submitted to him. Try getting any help at all from Alex Jones, WhatReallyHappened, Buzzflash, Democracy Now, Raw Story, Information Clearinghouse, Think Progress, or any of the other big alternative news boards. They have their own content (some quick rewrites from mainstream news stories), and I’ve never had any of those “other boards” link to anybody I know who had good online content.

    Now to the advertising side. If you’re not a mega-corporation with millions to spend on ads, where do you go? Smaller companies need a mid-priced option. I haven’t tried advertising on Jeff’s site so far, as I’m not a big enough business to afford that. I get most of my money from regular 9-5 jobs. But small companies who need to move products to survive — a medium-priced venue with people interested in health and wellness is invaluable.

    In short, business is business. Jeff only gets ad revenue because that’s the market value of a site with his visitor statistics. I wish I had his visitor statistics. I could quit my jobs just on the ad revenue, but it takes a workaholic like Jeff to get an audience that large. Plus he provides a service to his readers, the sites he links to, and to his advertisers. He deserves to be paid for his work.

    • The issue isn’t how much Rense earns, it’s how he misrepresents his position as being financially precarious in order to solicit donations from those who think he is barely scraping by. That’s dishonest, whichever way you look at it. The fact that most people are perfectly willing to brush all of his deception and dishonesty under the carpet is a sad statement on the morals of our current society.

    • One of the most surprising results of Jeff’s history of womanizing and abusing of multiple wives and girlfriends becoming public, is the number of WOMEN who then come to his defense.

      I can’t tell you how sad this makes me.

      As a victim of his “workaholism” – I am so glad to know that Pam thinks Jeff has earned the good life.

      P.S. to Pam – guess how much of the work that was put into and Rense Radio came from Jeff’s wives and girlfriends thinking they were helping the man they loved? Only to find themselves with nothing to show for it, completely abandoned, and Jeff rolling around in his riches (which he then uses to lure his next female victim)???

  2. I would add that his income is relevant –ditto for the rest of the web owners –because they do not pay writers for their content. Kinda hypocritical to criticize the mainstream Corp press but treat your own writers like slaves…bad joke really…

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