RenseRadio subscription income


Another healthy source of income for Jeff Rense is the RenseRadio subscription service, which provides archives of the Rense radio show, as well as higher-quality live feeds.[1]

How many subscribers does RenseRadio have, and how much income do they generate?

Rense himself provided the answer to this question in an affidavit filed 24 September 2010, as part of the court case brought against Rense and Larry Sinclair by Daniel Parisi (see Truth or “puffery”?):

I, Jeffrey Rense, do hereby swear and affirm as follows:

… currently has about 3,020 “radio archive” subscribers who pay $5.95 per month for a subscription…

I declare under the penalties of perjury of the State of Oregon and the laws of the United States that the foregoing is true and correct. This declaration was executed on September 24, 2010.

[signed] Jeffrey Rense[2]

Let’s round that down to an even 3000 subscribers. At $5.95/month, Jeff Rense’s income from radio subscriptions works out to $17,850 per month, or $214,200 per year.

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[1] RenseRadio Subscription Sign Up. Retrieved 09 May 2012.
[2] DKT-56 Rense’s Motion to Dismiss–24 Sep 2010 (pdf) Retrieved 09 May 2012.

  3 Responses to “RenseRadio subscription income”

  1. 3,020 subscribers each paying $5.95 a month total $215,628 a year in revenue from just Rense’s radio show. His ad income from the website is $266,100 a year.

    That means a total of $481,728 a year.

    And yet Jeff Rense has the shameless gall to plead poverty and solicit donations from readers!

    • Not only that – he has hardly any staff, doesn’t pay writers but simply uses other materials taken as public domain or contributed by those hungry for exposure, and he works out of the home. His overhead is ZIP!

  2. I love all the information that is on your website. I am trying to put a newspaper together to help people see what the HELL we are how. Make a understanding what is going on here.

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