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Jeff Rense personal ad on

An increasing number of people are using the internet as a means to meet romantic partners.

It seems appropriate that Jeff Rense would use online personal advertisements, as he apparently has worked “12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year, closing in on 14 years without a single unencumbered day off.”[1]

How else is he going to meet the ladies?

In 2006, Rense joined online dating service He described himself as an exceptionally kind, highly creative, considerate and generous 50-year-old man wanting to meet intelligent, kind, witty and interesting Caucasian women between the ages of 35 to 42, who lived within 100 miles of his home in Ashland, Oregon. He was particularly interested in “those who grasp how important trust is.” He said he did not like “hypocrisy”, “phonies” or “non-accountability.”[2]

Rense’s quest for an honest and trustworthy lady seems rather hypocritical, given that he misrepresented his own age by 10 years. As another article on this website reveals, Rense was born in 1946, meaning that he was 60 years old–not 50–when he placed his advert on in 2006. personal advertisement

In 2010, perhaps dissatisfied with the responses he had received on, Rense decided to try a different approach.

He placed a carefully crafted personal advertisement for a “very special lady” on his own website,[3] The advertisement was presented by “Amanda Rose, Jeff’s MySpace Editor.” Why Rense decided to involve Miss Rose in the search isn’t known. But it does make for some strange turns of phrase: “Our search is for a gentle and intelligent woman”, “We are looking for someone thin” and “Our lady will be non-smoker.”

Just who is this “Amanda Rose” and why was she so keen to help Rense find his “very special lady”?

The detailed list of “key personality qualities and traits” for Jeff Rense’s “special lady” included:

  • Beautiful on the inside and out–though not narcissistic
  • Blonde or brunette (presumably Rense finds gray hair attractive only on himself)
  • Age 36 to 43 (in contrast to Rense’s own age, at the time, of 64)
  • Thin, fit & healthy, and of “any normal height”
  • Kind, honest, thoughtful and intelligent
  • Sweet, happy and gentle
  • Vegan or vegetarian, “organic only”

The “special lady” was also expected to: be a homebody (“Jeff does not travel much”); enjoy cooking healthy vegan meals; be keen to plant & nurture a “wonderful organic vegetable garden”; and–perhaps most importantly–be able to “enjoy being around someone who is very well-informed.” (Yes, the advertisement really does say this.)

Rense graciously offered to consider women who were mothers, saying that such a relationship “might possibly work”–but only if she had just ONE child, and only if that child were “well-adjusted” and “well-grounded.”

Those not welcome to apply included “deceivers… or people who misrepresent the truth, either directly or by omission.” One wonders if using a 20-year-old Photoshopped photograph of oneself may perhaps be a slight misrepresentation of the truth, but it seems this irony is lost on Rense.

In his ad, Rense restricted his search to those within 100 miles of his home, but now he was willing to look further afield, and even “women from countries outside the US” were invited to apply.

According to the ad, any ladies interested in this “very special opportunity” were to send several current photos–including portrait, casual and full body–along with a letter about themselves to Amanda Rose, who would then screen the applicants. Those ladies “who seem to resonate within our search parameters” would have their details passed on to Rense.

The “winners” would then be invited for an “all expense paid weekend trip to gorgeous Ashland, Oregon” at Rense’s “beautiful mountain home in a true storybook setting.” Unless, of course, they were from outside the US, in which case “travel costs will have to be shared.” Apparently, there are limits to Rense’s generosity.

It’s hard to imagine that a beautiful, intelligent, honest lady in her mid-thirties to early forties with a sweet, happy and gentle disposition, would consider a relationship with an irritable man in his mid-sixties who’s been known to… bend (shall we say) the truth, and who apparently sees little hope for the future, as evidenced by the oft-repeated lament on his radio show: “IT’S ALL OVER.” Never mind that she’d be expected to cook, keep house, garden and listen appreciatively to her “very well informed” man.

Let’s hope that if any “very special ladies” come forward, they’ve done their research into Jeff Rense beforehand, and are aware of what the man is really all about.


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  10 Responses to “The bachelor”

  1. No, Jeff is not “exceptionally kind, considerate and generous.” He is exactly the opposite as I tell in my story:

    Jeff Rense’s Seventh Ex-Wife Speaks Out (Part 1)

    And as is confirmed in the stories of 3 more of his ex-wives (did he mention in the ad his number of failed relationships?):

    Jeff Rense’s Other Ex-Wives Corroborate My Story

    And I know who Amanda Rose is, she is one of several women who have worked for Jeff for free. Most in exchange for a “close, personal, internet relationship” with Velvet Voice himself. You can read about her and the others here:

    Cynthia of Algonquin, IL is “the Nutjob’s” latest female to work free of charge

  2. He must be high on crack to think a thin, beautiful and sweet woman 20-30 yrs. younger than him would ever go for him.

    Well, I take that back maybe if she had no arms and legs. Lol. Oh FYI Jeff, I’m 35 and pretty and long grey hair on a man is the ugliest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  3. There’s 1 singularly important point that should be taken into consideration not only by the hard-up women who answer Jeffrey’s siren call but by JR himself.

    Namely, Rense proudly claims he works: “12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year, closing in on 14 years without a single unencumbered day off.” Congrats! I work a hell of a lot of hours, too, though as a fellow parent I’d NEVER shoehorn in my offspring to a ’12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year’ work schedule. So, as the father of a daughter and a busy, busy working man, when the hell is JR going to find time to wine and dine and entertain and CONNECT with a female?? How’s he going to keep ANY relationship with that schedule?

    I own a restaurant and work (whether on site or while at home) many, many hours as well. But NEVER would I let my work enslave me enough to work JR’s schedule.

    Like JR, I have children. Frankly, I’ve never dated since I divorced their mother. Do I miss female companionship? Sure. But if I were to devote time to a woman it would take time from either work or children. Which of those 2 deserves to suffer for my enjoyment?? In JR’s case, CLEARLY it has been HIS DAUGHTER!

    He’s run countless women thru his daughter’s life while never taking time off to be part of a family. If the schedule he claims to work is honest, he’s shortchanged his daughter something terribly. Sounds similar to the way women who’ve married him says they’ve been treated by good ol’ Jeff Rense.

  4. I lost respect for Jeff. He went too far. This is clearly not a case where someone made a few mistakes. This is a dedicated Sandusky-like pattern of behavior using systems and structures to attract certain types of women targets, take them for what they are worth, and then destroy their ability to fight back. He is the Bride Devourer but he met his match with Melinda Kellogg. All it takes is one competent victim to rise up and strike back with truth and the whole hall of mirrors comes shattering down. Good bye and good riddance to Jeff Rense, the adult who pretended to grow up but is actually just a psychopath with arrested emotional development.

    One good thing that came from this for me is that I have come to appreciate how to recognize a psychopath in my own life and to stop them from ruining things. I was surprised to learn how many people out there fit this description.

    Labyrinth of the Psychopath by Thomas Sheridan is a wonderfully enlightening series. The best of the best is this short video “5 – Key Traits”

    Don’t be a victim. Keep these creeps out of your life. Cheers and God Bless!

  5. I knew Jeff in Santa Barbara…40 years ago. Obviously not a single thing has changed…at that time, he was on the prowl for whatever he could get, without committing to anything. Reading this article simply proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. Why does he have a woman’s hair style? It’s so bizarre. Not attractive at all; quite the opposite.

  7. Maybe he’d find happiness if he became a woman and stop searching for them externally. He should retire and live a quiet private life, the gigs up.

  8. wow. i must have missed that personal episode! the man must have some inflated image of himself. he’s always the first to finger narcissism in others, calls anyone more popular than himself frauds and/or agents, and constantly bemoans the lack of personal accountability in others. how about accountability for half a dozen or more failed marriages?

  9. Its the funniest thing. I have no idea who Rense was until i saw his goofyasss face and HAIR..OMG, WHAT HAIR!! a picture. I said no freakin’ way..u’ve got 2b kidding me..i thought the pictures were photoshopped 2make fun of him, but really is him and what a fugly-DOG he is..and then, i saw all the websites that have popped-up about his psychopath behavior..somebody should make a movie(or @least a documentary) about him..he is a laughing JOKE from head(literally)to feet..what a LOSER!! BOYCOTT his lying, manipulative asss from radio and support those poor souls who’ve sadly stepped in the shadows of the monster!!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. The world needs to know Mr. Rense is far from perfect. While I still find his show a good source of information, it will be difficult ignore what you have spoken of.

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