How old is Jeff Rense?


Jeff Rense in 2005

Media personalities often obfuscate their ages, and Jeff Rense is no exception. We could find no indication that Rense has ever revealed his age, either on his radio show or on his website,

He has, however, posted a link to an article which discusses his age. The link is in a section of the website called, “Newest Zionist Hit Piece Libel Attacks On Jeff.”[1]

(The astute reader will notice that whenever information is revealed about Jeff Rense that he doesn’t want anyone to know, he claims “Zionists” are “attacking” him and that the statements are “libel.”)

The article discussing his age is entitled “The REAL Hidden Jeff Rense”[2] and was written 16 February 2012 by Lorie Kramer, Rense’s friend and defender.

Kramer wrote the article in response to one that Henry Makow had published on his website two days earlier called “The Hidden Jeff Rense.”[3]

Jeff Rense named "Most Flirtatious" in 1963 high school yearbook

In his article, Makow states that Rense is 66 years old in 2012, i.e. born 1946, but doesn’t give the source for this information. Kramer, in her article, refutes Makow’s statement vigorously, if not eloquently:

66?? Seriously, you are saying he’s 66 years old? I would love to see you source that because I am 58 and I am a few years older than Jeff. I have seen his birth record, he’s not 66. He’s not even 60. I checked that out over 11 years ago when we found out that he has a family name that is in my family by marriage. Just because one has gray hair doesn’t make one over 60….66!?!?!?!? Wow. Way to pile on the decades. Henry, that’s one big fat stinkin’ turd, right there.[2]

Kramer asserts that she has seen Rense’s birth record, and that she, at 58, is “a few years older” than Rense. This means she is putting his age at approximately 55 or 56, and therefore his birthday in 1956 or 1957.

So which is it? Was Rense born in 1946 or 1956/57?

We were able to verify Rense’s birth year, using online sources.

Rense attended Adolfo Camarillo High School in Camarillo, California, and graduated in 1963.[4] He would have been 17 or 18 when he graduated, making his birth year 1945 or 1946.

Rense’s photo is in the Adolfo Camarillo High School yearbook–called El Alacran (The Scorpion)–in 1962[5] and 1963.[6]

An interesting bit of trivia is that Rense was named “Most Flirtatious” in the 1963 yearbook.

Jeff Rense--Adolfo Camarillo High School 1962

Jeff Rense--Adolfo Camarillo High School 1963

We don’t know if Rense is aware that Lorie Kramer has incorrectly stated his age in her article–which is linked from the website–but as he believes so passionately in “honest journalism”, we hope that he will make an effort to set the record straight, now that the truth has come to light.


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  1. “Shearer”? Is he Jewish?

    • Very likely. That’s his mother’s maiden name. Shearer is very often an indication of Jewish/Ashkenazi blood.

      • Jeff’s mother could easily not be Jewish. If his mother’s father (his grandfather) was Jewish but his mother’s mother (his grandmother) wasn’t Jewish– then Jeff’s mother is not Jewish, even though she has a Jewish surname. This is very common.

    • As i recall Jeff’s real name is Gun (spl) Gunn maybe Gunne i think we worked together at coffee tea or stereo in Eugene Or. i could car less about his age, rosta.

  2. What a brilliant piece of research!

    This is one of the best websites on the internet. I hope it gets more and more popular as people start wanting to know more about who Jeff Rense really is!

    Silly me, all I did was put the name Jeffry Rense in and it told me that he was born in 1946!!! But you went and did the most fabulous research that PROVES it beyond even a search – the information of which is based on tax returns – and so is accurate! Also shows that Jeffry Rense has the business, just in case you are not sure it is THE Jeff Rense!

    Jeffry S. Rense on

    I was married to him and his birthdate is on our wedding certificate, where indeed he wrote 1946! Come see that at my website, under “Jeff Rense: The Romance and Marriage” section:

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. So not only does Rense, via his mouthpiece, shave 10 years off his age, it turns out his hippie-dippy frizzy hair is a perm. His high school yearbook’s pics show him to have straight hair.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I love what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  5. I can confirm Jeff Rense was in my 1963 graduating class at Camarillo High School and I was born in 1946. He was quite the big man on campus — extremely popular, polite, and outgoing. No craziness of any kind.


    His first(?) marriage lasted for a whopping THREE MONTHS! Yep, it looks like 1946 is when Jeff was born.

  7. YEs!

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